Conor McGregor is a man of the people.

The UFC featherweight champion is here to fight. He’s here to entertain. And he’s here to make sure everyone consumes enough water.

McGregor and Diaz participated in a chaotic press conference Wednesday ahead of their fight Saturday at UFC 202. It spiraled out of control when McGregor and Diaz’s camp started throwing water bottles at each other from across the room, but The Notorious had a simple explanation for the H2O tossing when appearing on “UFC Tonight” shortly after the fracas.

“I seen people panicking up in the stands. I thought maybe it was a case of dehydration going on. I was simply launching up some hydration for people,” McGregor said sarcastically. “Around the desert here, it’s intense.”

McGregor explained after joking about the incident that he just was defending himself. Diaz walked off the stage shortly after McGregor showed up fashionably late and began yelling toward the Irishman while flipping the bird, which led to words being exchanged and bottles flying.

“In reality, they were walking out talking (crap). If you want to fight, let’s fight,” McGregor said. “It was handbags. It was nothing. I don’t know what happened. I just defended myself and that’s it.”

Hopefully everyone is hydrated come Saturday night because it should be one heck of a fight.

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