The Las Vegas Golden Knights are off to a hot start, but they still have plenty to learn — especially in the social media department.

The Golden Knights hosted the Boston Bruins on Sunday night, and the team’s official Twitter account posted both squads’ lines before puck drop, as is custom. Except Vegas decided to have a little “fun” with the Bruins’ lines.

So, uh, why did the Golden Knights just replace the B’s with female names? Apparently, they were going for a reference from the movie “Ted” — which was filmed and based in Boston — as part of a series of tweets poking fun at Bostonians’ exaggerated accents.

But as you can see, Twitter didn’t take their attempt at humor well.

We (kind of) get what Vegas was going for here, and we’re guessing it didn’t intend to come off as sexist. But considering it’s a pretty vague reference that, without explanation, comes off as pretty disrespectful to women, the Knights probably should have gone in a different direction here.

The Golden Knights skated to a 3-1 victory, but it looks like their social media team learned an important lesson: Be careful what you tweet.

Thumbnail photo via Kirby Lee/USA TODAY Sports Images