Enes Kanter Fires Off Tweets After LeBron James Calls Daryl Morey ‘Misinformed’


Enes Kanter never has been one to shy away from how he feels about anything, and that trend continued Monday night.

The Boston Celtics center has been outspoken on a number of issues, whether it has to do with his native Turkey or the recent NBA controversy over Daryl Morey’s tweet.

The Houston Rockets general manager, as you probably know by now, tweeted out support for the anti-protesters in Hong Kong that has caused a plethora of backlash with China, a major product consumer for the NBA. LeBron James, who also is known to be outspoken, said Morey was “not really educated on the situation.

Kanter is a supporter of Morey’s beliefs regarding the situation in China, tweeting “The @NBA stands with me for freedom and democracy.” So it’s no surprise he wasn’t a fan of the Los Angeles Lakers star’s comments judging by the tweets he fired off Monday night.

“Wow dude” seems to be a mutual feeling among Twitter users.

And while these tweets don’t directly call James out, one can assume they likely have to do with the comments made. Kanter always has been vocal about what’s been happening to him and his family, and James’ comments likely will only spark more of a fire under Kanter.

Thumbnail photo via Jaime Valdez/USA TODAY Sports Images

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