Kevin Garnett Explains Why ‘Anything Is Possible’ Scream Was Truly ‘Organic’

Three simple words helped Kevin Garnett clinch his place in Boston Celtics lore.

The Celtics legend and 2020 Basketball Hall Of Fame nominee explained Tuesday during his appearance on the “Ledlow & Parker” podcast the genesis of his “anything is possible” scream. Garnett made the iconic rallying cry June 16, 2008 at TD Garden, moments after the Celtics beat the Los Angeles Lakers in Game 6 of the NBA Finals to clinch the 17th championship in franchise history. He insists there was nothing pre-planned about his celebratory scream.

“So for me, I’m just being honest,” Garnett said. “The championship is the pinnacle. It was the top of my mountain top. It was the peak of everything that I worked hard for.

” … If you win a championship, it’s the culmination of it. Kind of circles back to all the countless moments you’ve been in here working on these moves and doing all this, and you question it sometimes, and it don’t always come out how you want it. But when you win it, everything you stand for, your DNA comes out in that moment.

“‘Anything is possible’ was an organic moment for me. It came to me. I can honestly say that if I was to ever accomplish anything on that level, I would let it be organic and whatever came to me. I can’t even tell you, I don’t have nothing cocked and loaded to give you. It would just be very organic and it would be from the heart. I can definitely say that.”

Garnett’s explanation of his “anything is possible” scream is part of a monumental week, in which the Basketball Hall of Fame announced he’s a nominee for enshrinement in the star-studded class of 2020.

Given his storied NBA career, the Basketball Hall of Fame might as well not bother waiting until February to name him a finalist and then wait until April to announce him as an inductee.

But we know the Basketball Hall of Fame will follow its established processes because they’re not as spontaneous as the Big Ticket.

Thumbnail photo via Kirby Lee/USA TODAY Sports Images