Which Season Stood Above Them All For Each Boston Sports Team This Decade?


What a decade this was in New England sports! As we move into the 2020s, join NESN.com in honoring the greatest season for every team from 2010-2019. (And check out the rest of our “Best of the Decade” content here.)

In many places, choosing the greatest team of the past 10 years is pretty straightforward.

Did one team win a championship? If not, which one went the farthest in the postseason? Short of that, did any team exceed expectations so much that it captured the hearts and imaginations of the fan base?

The thing is, in New England, we’ve had tons of those.

With an embarrassment of riches, NESN.com set out to determine the decade’s best team for each franchise. It was difficult to narrow down, so sound off in the comments below if you agree or disagree with our picks.

Read more about the best teams of the decade in the links below!

Boston Red Sox: 2018

Boston Bruins: 2010-11

New England Patriots: 2016

Boston Celtics: 2016-17

Connecticut Sun: 2019

Liverpool FC: 2019

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