NESN Diary: Malcolm Jenkins Had Powerful Response To Drew Brees (And Other Random Thoughts)


Jun 3, 2020

Malcolm Jenkins had a strong, much-needed message for his teammate Drew Brees.

The New Orleans Saints safety emotionally reacted to the QB’s incredibly tone-deaf comments, and rightfully so.

In case you missed it, here’s what Brees said regarding players kneeling during the national anthem:

“I will never agree with anybody disrespecting the flag of the United States of America or our country,” he said. “… And is everything right with our country right now? No, it’s not. We still have a long way to go. But I think what you do by standing there and showing respect to the flag with your hand over your heart, is it shows unity. It shows that we are all in this together, we can all do better and that we are all part of the solution.”

In a word: yikes.

With everything going on throughout the United States over the last week in regards to the protests in the wake of the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery, it’s no surprise many did not take too kindly to the comments.

And Jenkins was no exception.

The safety deleted his original video because he knew it would be about the headlines due to his strong language, and not the message he was trying to get across.

So he made a second video. Here’s some of what was said:

“Drew, unfortunately, you’re somebody who doesn’t understand their privilege. You don’t understand the potential that you have to actually be an advocate for the people that you call brothers. You don’t understand the history and why people like me, people with my skin color whose grandfathers fought for this country, who served, and I still protested against that — not against the national anthem but against what was happening in America and what our fabric of this country is for, or stands for. If you don’t understand that other people experienced something totally different than you, then when you talk about being a brotherhood and all this other (expletive), it’s just lip service or it’s only on the field. Because when we step off this field and I take my helmet off, I’m a black man walking around America and I’m telling you I’m dealing with these things, I’m telling you my communities are dealing with these things, and your response to me is, ‘Don’t talk about that here. This is not the place.’

“Drew, where is the place, Drew? I’m disappointed. I’m hurt. Because while the world tells you that you’re not worthy, that your life doesn’t matter, the last place you want to hear from are the guys that you go to war with and that you consider to be allies and to be your friends. Even though we’re teammates, I can’t let this slide.”

You can watch the full video here. It does include some NSFW language.

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Colin Kaepernick began silently protesting police brutality and racial injustice in 2016. It sparked plenty of controversy and it’s been picking up steam once again due to the recent murders of black people because, well, this is exactly what he was protesting.

Brees’ comments come at a time when our country is in turmoil. There have been protests in all 50 U.S. states and many athletes have spoken out, or participated in these protests, to have their voices heard in the fight against racism and police brutality.

Jenkins just wants the support of his teammate. You could hear that in his voice. You could hear the hurt and the anger while he delivered his message.

Jenkins just wants to know his quarterback hears him, stands with him and supports him.

The QB has done a lot of good, yes. But when he has a chance to speak out and instead says he’ll never agree with anyone “disrespecting the flag,” well then he’s only adding to the problem.

It never was about the flag, Drew.

What’s more, Brees even participated in the #BlackOutTuesday demonstration. So while he showed support Tuesday, it didn’t matter come Wednesday as he potentially fractured a lot of relationships in the Saints’ locker room.

Jenkins’ message to his teammate was clear and needed to be said. And I’m glad many others have used their platforms to speak out against the quarterback. Brees needed to be called out all across the sports world. Jenkins told Brees exactly what is wrong in this world, what the problems are and what he fears. He spelled it all out for Brees.

Brees preached unity only to pull a “but not like that.” Brees has a platform and could have used it to help unify people.

But he blew it.

Here’s some other notes from Wednesday:

— The NBA is back.

Well, reportedly.

ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski dropped the “Woj bomb” we’ve all been waiting for Wednesday morning when he reported the NBA will have 22 teams (13 from the Western Conference and nine from the Eastern Conference) to Florida. Each team will play eight regular season games and there will be a play-in for the No. 8 seeds.

The season is reported to begin July 31.

— The same cannot be said about Major League Baseball, however.

The league and its Players’ Association reportedly are “deadlocked” after MLB denied the PA’s counterproposal.

— P.K. Subban stepped up in the big way when he donated $50,000 to a fund set up for Gianna Floyd, the six-year-old daughter of George Floyd.

Want some more positive news? The New Jersey Devils defenseman revealed the NHL also matched his donation.

— Patrice Bergeron continues to be an exceptional human being.

The Boston Bruins center does not have any form of social media, but he made his voice heard through the team’s official Twitter account with a powerful statement.

“I realize that I will never truly understand the fear, pain and suffering the Black community has endured. As a white man I have always tried to live by respect and equality, but I also acknowledge my privileges. I am disappointed in myself that it took this long for me to truly open my eyes. Seeing all this pain truly breaks my heart and forces me to seek answers.”

Bergeron also revealed he will donate $25,000 to the Boston branch of the NAACP and $25,000 to Centre Multiethnique de Quebec.

— You probably know by now that Jaylen Brown drove 15 hours to Georgia to participate in a peaceful protest. And now we know how that all came to be.

Malcolm Brogdon revealed it all started with a group chat and Brown saying he was heading to Atlanta to lead a peaceful protest. Brogdon saw this as his opportunity to get involved.


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