Bill Belichick, Pamela Anderson Fan? ‘Manning Cast’ Provides Juicy Story

Peyton Manning recalled a comical story Monday night


Dec 13, 2022

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick was much like the common man in 2006. Well, if the common man already had won three Super Bowls.

But besides that, Belichick was much like the rest. He was devoted to football and seemingly was a big fan of Pamela Anderson. The latter was portrayed more than 15 years later when the Patriots beat the Arizona Cardinals on “Monday Night Football” as Peyton Manning recited a story that dated back to the 2006 Pro Bowl.

Manning’s recollection caused the little-known story to surface, and boy is it comical.

“He picked David Binn, who was a long snapper because he was dating Pamela Anderson and Bill thought the players would like seeing Pamela at the pool in Hawaii,” Manning told co-host Eli Manning and guest Bill Simmons during ESPN’s “Manning Cast” on Monday, as shared by NFL reporter Dov Kleiman.

“She didn’t come, but that’s a cool Belichick story,” Manning continued.

Manning’s reference previously was confirmed when Binn appeared on the “Pro Football Doc” podcast with Dr. David Chao. Binn, the longtime San Diego Chargers special teams player, laughed about the story from years prior.

“I had a good year, that was the year we lost to the Patriots at home. (Record of) 14-2, best team we ever had in San Diego,” Binn recalled on the podcast. “So I get a call from him (Belichick), invited me to be the long snapper for the AFC Pro Bowl and I was like honored. I had a really good year that year, so I thought I deserved it.

“So anyway, first practice, which is like nothing — stretch, mess around a little bit and walk off the field. I’m coming off and I’m walking by Bill and he looks at me and he goes, ‘Hey, where’s your girlfriend?'” Binn said. “And I said, ‘Oh, Pam? She didn’t come out.’ He goes, ‘Remind me why the (expletive) I invited you out here then.’

“And he gave me this deadpan look and I thought he was kidding, but he didn’t crack a smile and I’m like ‘Is he serious? Is he kidding?’ I just walked off. I couldn’t figure it out,” Binn continued. “I think I just laughed it off and I’m like, ‘He really wanted me to bring Pam. Should I call her right now?’ That was it. I was just like, ‘(Expletive), maybe that is why he invited me out.'”

Belichick coached the AFC Pro Bowl team after the Patriots lost in the conference championship to Manning’s Indianapolis Colts. Anderson, of course, was the well-known “Baywatch” actress and model.

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