We Used AI To Make Patriots Rap Song With Bill Belichick’s Voice

'Dynasty to always know'


Feb 14, 2023

Ready for the goofiest thing you’ll hear all week?

In case you haven’t noticed, artificial intelligence can do just about anything these days. OpenAI’s Chat GPT currently is the most popular service, but there are numerous platforms capable of creating just about anything you can think of.

For the uninitiated, Chat GPT is an AI language model that, among many other things, can generate documents, songs and poems while replicating the styles of famous real-world creators. For instance, you could ask it to write a poem about cryptocurrency in the style of Walt Whitman, and the results would be spot-on. Students even are using it to write their English essays. You can click here to watch a video of Chat GPT’s wild abilities.

So, what would happen if robots were asked to make a rap song about the New England Patriots? We sought to answer that question, and the results were… interesting.

First, we asked Chat GPT to write lyrics for a Patriots-themed rap song in the style of Tupac. Then, we gathered some audio samples from Belichick press conference and used ElevenLabs’ AI speech software to create a voice overlay of New England’s head coach. Finally, we had AIVA’s virtual composer generate a trap-style beat using the D major key signature.

You can listen to the final product, “Dynasty 2 Always Know,” in the tweet below:

Insert all the fire emojis.

Yeah, “they never do well” was a bit of a swing-and-miss, but we’ll give the robots a pass. Plus, the Patriots really haven’t done all that well over the last four years.

We’ll end this by sharing how Chat GPT handled our request for a football joke in the style of Belichick:

“Why did the football team cross the road?

“To get to the end zone, of course. There’s no time for silly jokes on the way to victory.”

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