Despite his American status, Alexi Lalas seemingly wasn’t upset to see the United States bounced from the 2023 Women’s World Cup.

The US Women’s National Team suffered its worst finish in World Cup history Sunday when it lost a Round of 16 match against Sweden. The Americans, who only won one of three group-stage games, battled the Swedes to a 0-0 mark in regulation but ultimately lost in penalty kicks.

After the surprising verdict, Lalas hopped on social media and effectively basked in the United States’ loss. The post prompted a user on X, formerly known as Twitter, to criticize Lalas for celebrating his home country bowing out of the global tournament.

“Don’t kill the messenger,” Lalas replied. “This #USWNT is polarizing. Politics, causes, stances, & behavior have made this team unlikeable to a portion of America. This team has built its brand and has derived its power from being the best/winning. If that goes away they risk becoming irrelevant.”

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Lalas wasn’t the first well-known soccer analyst to take aim at the USWNT during the 2023 World Cup. Carli Lloyd, who won two World Cups with the United States over the course of her playing career, called out the Americans for dancing and smiling after a first-round draw against Portugal.

And after its early exit in Australia, the US can expect more criticism for the foreseeable future.

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Featured image via Jenna Watson/USA TODAY Sports Images