After his first year in professional hockey with the Providence Bruins was slowed down due to a late-season concussion, Fabian Lysell is ramping up his offseason training.

After participating in the Boston Bruins development camp, Lysell went home to his native Sweden to continue his training.

“I started off a little bit slow there, got a concussion at the end of last year,” Lysell told Bruins team reporter Eric Russo, as seen in a team-provided video. “But I managed to work myself through that, and it’s just been going better and better for each week, and I’m ready to get going here in September.”

Training camp opens for the Bruins on Sept. 20, and Lysell will be one of many prospects fighting for a spot on the opening night roster.

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“I think the focus for me is just going to be a little bit more comfortable there,” Lysell said. “… It’s just going to be to feel more comfortable and have the confidence to go in there and try to prove that. I’ve been developing since last year and take it day by day and trying to make the team.”

Off the ice, the 20-year-old right wing has been working with his trainers on getting stronger and building on his strengths — power and speed.

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“I was to get a little bit bigger, but mostly stronger,” Lysell explained. “I feel like I’ve done a good job doing that with the help of my trainers. … I feel like I’ll be in good shape.”

Lysell said the biggest adjustment he’s had to make is the amount of games he played last year.

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“I think the most important thing is going to be how to reset the button,” Lysell said. “Have the preparation top recover faster and all that stuff because before I played like 60 games and then last year, I played almost 90 so that’s a huge adjustment.”

Lysell could have one more final tuneup prior to training camp if he is elected to compete in the 2023 Prospects Challenge, which will take place September 15-18 in Buffalo.

Featured image via Perry Nelson/USA TODAY Sports Images