The dispute between Aaron Rodgers and Jimmy Kimmel continued this week, and it likely won’t be dropped after the New York Jets quarterback’s weekly appearance on the “Pat McAfee Show.”

The ABC host Monday took seven minutes out of his monologue where he blasted the “hamster-brained” Rodgers. The monologue came after Rodgers said last week he would “pop a bottle” if Kimmel’s name appeared on an alleged list of Jeffrey Epstein’s associates. McAfee gave a thin apology, but Rodgers had his chance to respond to Kimmel on Tuesday.

The four-time NFL MVP admitted he wanted to get his Kimmel thoughts out of the way at the top of his appearance since he assumed that’s all the “woke establishment” watched the “Pat McAfee Show” for.

The 40-year-old explained his dispute with Kimmel went back to the peak of COVID-19. He called out Kimmel’s comments in 2021 where he said hospitals shouldn’t treat unvaccinated patients who took ivermectin, which is a medicine used to treat infections caused by roundworms and other parasites and also can be used to treat autoimmune conditions like lupus. Rodgers did not apologize to Kimmel and blamed cancel culture as a symptom of his dispute with Kimmel and others who took issue with his stance on vaccines and other COVID-19 preventions like masks.

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“This is the game plan of the media, and this is what they do,” Rodgers said. “They try and cancel, you know? And it is not just me.”

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Rodgers admitted linking Kimmel and Epstein was a mistake, and he denounced those who have accused Kimmel of crimes relating to Epstein and his associates. He took issue with the late night host questioning his intelligence and made a joke about Kimmel’s Arizona State education.

However, he continued to rant about the alleged lies of former chief medical advisor to the president Anthony Fauci. Rodgers touted the work of Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who is among the top figures in the United States denouncing the efficacy of vaccines and claiming COVID-19 was “ethnically targeted.” He also has made baseless claims that chemicals in water sources lead to gender dysphoria.

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Rodgers also questioned the efficacy of masks despite multiple health organizations stating masks do help slow the spread of coronavirus. He continued to rant about lockdowns and what “they” allegedly did during the height of the pandemic.

McAfee made his typical attempt at jokes during Rodgers’ rant, and AJ Hawk smiled throughout. Rodgers noted he likes to read a lot and is open to debate these topics, but Kimmel might not be too interested.

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