While the Patriots warmed up for their 2022 game at Lambeau Field, Bill Belichick had a long chat with the opposing quarterback: Aaron Rodgers.

New England faced Rodgers’ team again this past Sunday. Though the injured QB didn’t play in that one — a 17-3 New York Jets win at snow-covered Gillette Stadium — he and Belichick again spoke on the field during pregame warmups.

Rodgers revealed the content of their conversation Tuesday on ESPN’s “The Pat McAfee Show.”

“We always kind of found each other at some point,” Rodgers said of his previous matchups against Belichick’s Patriots. “I was bummed out not to be playing (in Sunday’s season finale), bummed out that this could be the last time he’s in New England. But none of that came up.

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“We actually talked about a snow game in 2019 at MetLife when the Packers played the Giants. I just think it would be so fun to have a glass of scotch with Bill and talk ball. Because his knowledge of the game, his ability to recall things — he was recalling these two specific plays that we had from the game.

“Obviously, I can do that; I made those plays. But Bill was on the sidelines, and he’s talking about these different plays he saw on film and different things. I don’t know. I just love his knowledge of the game. I have a ton of respect for him.”

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Rodgers said Belichick also recalled a 2014 matchup between the Patriots and the Packers. Rodgers threw for 368 yards in that game, including 121 to then-rookie Davante Adams, as Green Bay won 26-21 over a New England team that went on to win Super Bowl XLIX.

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“We were talking about the 2014 game pregame, and we were laughing because their strategy was so incredible,” Rodgers said. “I’ve never kind of seen a defense be able to do that and adjust, where you put … your No. 2 corner and a safety on our No. 1 receiver, you put your No. 1 corner on our No. 2, and then you put your No. 3 on our No. 3.

“And (Belichick’s) like, ‘Man, this guy from Fresno State has this crazy breakout game.’ Just his recall. That was 9 1/2 years ago, 9 3/4 years ago, and he’s talking about what Davante Adams was doing and the plays that he caught and the fact that he had to adjust and different things. I’ve never seen a guy be able to do that. … He’s been a savant, ahead of the game for so long, and I think everybody who’s played for a long time just has a ton of respect for him.”

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Belichick, who also sought out Rodgers after Sunday’s game, has been similarly complimentary of the four-time NFL MVP over the years. After New England’s 2022 overtime loss at Lambeau, he lamented that Rodgers was “just too good.”

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“He’s just a great, great player, and he made some great plays,” Belichick said at the time.

It wasn’t clear at the time of Rodgers’ interview whether Belichick would be back for a 25th season with the Patriots, but the Jets QB expects him to be coaching somewhere in 2024.

“I think the NFL is better with him in it,” Rodgers said, “and I’m thankful for all the little moments I’ve gotten to share with Bill over the years and just tell him how much I respect him and believe what a great impact he’s made on the game.”

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