Tom Brady proved decline wasn’t imminent when he threw for a record-setting 505 yards in Super Bowl LII, a game the Patriots lost due in part to a major Bill Belichick error.

But Belichick managed to redeem himself on football’s biggest stage a year later, and Brady knew what that meant for his football future.

One of Belichick’s finest performances with the Patriots was in Super Bowl LIII when New England limited an electrifying Los Angeles Rams offense to a mere three points. The legendary head coach drew up a masterful defensive game plan, which allowed the Patriots to claim their sixth Lombardi Trophy despite a very modest showing from the Brady-led offense.

“At that point, Tommy understood that Bill would be the head coach for a number of years going forward,” team owner Robert Kraft said in “The Dynasty” docuseries, per The Boston Globe’s Ben Volin.

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Belichick’s secure seat effectively solidified Brady’s forthcoming Patriots exit. The star quarterback left New England after the 2019 season, and with Belichick firmly in the picture, Brady wasn’t going to be convinced to stick around for more time in Foxboro, Mass.

Was it a mistake by Kraft to prioritize Belichick over Brady at that time? One of TB12’s former pass-catchers certainly believes so.

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