If you’re a Patriots fan who wants Calvin Ridley, there’s a report for you. If you’re a Jaguars fan who wants Calvin Ridley, there’s a report for you.

That’s life during NFL free agency.

New England has been on the negative side of most accounts, though. If you’re willing to use some common sense, you’d understand that it’s equally beneficial for both Ridley and Jacksonville to wait until he reaches the open market at 4 p.m. ET on Wednesday before reuniting. That saves the Jaguars from having to depart with a more premium draft pick, as is the reported condition of their trade to acquire Ridley from the Atlanta Falcons.

There’s also the small matter of state income tax, but if you’re from Massachusetts you already know all about that.

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Michael Lombardi, a former executive with the Patriots, San Francisco 49ers, Cleveland Browns, Philadelphia Eagles and Las Vegas Raiders, still thinks New England has a shot at landing Ridley.

“Why are (the Jaguars) signing all these wide receivers? What are they doing?” Lombardi asked in a Wednesday appearance on The Pat McAfee Show on ESPN. “They’ve got (Evan) Engram on the franchise tag. They spent a lot of money on Christian Kirk. They still have Zay Jones. How many can you have? It’s not a hockey team, you’re not running lines out there.

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“It was a message that you’re sending, that you’re not getting Ridley back… Jacksonville’s already allocated money. That’s the problem with free agency. … I think Ridley has a market, I know New England wants him.”

Does he want New England? That’s a story for another day 4 p.m. ET on Wednesday.

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