You would think with seven Super Bowl rings, Tom Brady wouldn’t have many regrets in his NFL career. But there’s one loss that seemingly still eats away at him.

Episode five of “The Dynasty” docuseries on Apple TV+ looks at the Patriots’ undefeated regular season run during the 2007 campaign. The offense arguably was the best of all time, but the team fell short when the New York Giants upset New England in Super Bowl XLII.

“I was like, what the (expletive),” Brady said in “The Dynasty.” “That year we dominated, we destroyed teams. How did we lose? If there’s one game in history, I’d change, it’s that game. But you can’t change it. I think what you realize about football and about life is you never have it quite mastered. It was a tough lesson for me to learn.”

Brady wouldn’t get that opportunity right away, as the core of the fifth episode focused on the former Patriots quarterback’s ACL tear and the team rallying around Matt Cassel. But behind-the-scenes video revealed footage of Brady’s speech to the team before the 2008 season.

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“As I reflect back on last season, it didn’t finish the way we wanted, but we know what we shared,” Brady said. “I hope we learned from it. I hope we take it forward. I always get emotional, just thinking about things I really care about, so thank you.”

That episode showed how and why Brady became obsessive about his health and how he got onto a path where he could play in the NFL into his 40s. It also served as a precursor to the Aaron Hernandez episode, though Brady was not featured in the sixth episode.

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