The seventh episode of “The Dynasty” docuseries focuses on Deflategate, and it was a time period that had an emotional effect on former Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

Fans who didn’t experience this era of the New England dynasty learned all about this wild and oftentimes silly scandal. The Indianapolis Colts accused the Patriots of using deflated footballs to give them a supposed advantage in the 2014 AFC Championship Game, which New England won 45-7 at Gillette Stadium.

Brady was suspended for four games the following season, and the Patriots were fined $1 million and forfeited two draft picks in the 2016 NFL Draft. The scandal blew up during the lead-up to Super Bowl XLIX, and it took a toll on the seven-time Super Bowl champion.

“When the shots are being fired at you, when they’re being fired at people you care about, that’s when it gets hard,” Brady said in “The Dynasty.”

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Brady’s emotional state was apparent to all those involved.

“The two weeks were very difficult on Tommy,” Kraft said in the Apple TV+ docuseries. “He was taking it very hard.”

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But the emotions continued to run hard for Brady when he opened up about the scandal to the team in the days leading up to the Super Bowl.

“He addressed us as a team. You could tell he was distraught,” Darrelle Revis said in “The Dynasty.” “He said, ‘This is something I wouldn’t do. I would not ruin the season for us. The allegations are false.’ He was actually bawling his eyes out in front of us.”

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Brady’s desire to be another member of the locker room and be close to his teammates resonated during the Patriots’ dynastic run. And it’s why they were among the vocal defenders of the future Pro Football Hall of Famer during the Deflategate scandal.

“Tom can be a very fiery person, but he can also be a very soft person,” Danny Amendola said. “He can be very emotional. It took a massive toll on him because of his kids. Just having to listen to his kids come home from school and talk about the things they heard from their teachers or friends, I felt for him.”

Deflategate proved to not be a huge distraction to New England as it went on to beat the Seattle Seahawks in Super XLIX after Malcolm Butler intercepted Russell Wilson’s pass at the goalline to seal the victory.

Featured image via Allen Eyestone via USA TODAY Network