Drew Bledsoe pulled no punches while roasting Tom Brady during Netflix’s recent live special.

But Bledsoe made clear Monday during an appearance on “Up & Adams” that there’s “great mutual respect” between the two former Patriots quarterbacks. And he even shared a heartwarming story about the first time he ever met Brady’s now-ex-wife, Gisele Bündchen, while on a ski trip.

According to Bledsoe, he saw Brady on the slopes and decided to spray him with snow. Only the attempt fell flat because Bündchen inadvertently ended up in Bledsoe’s line of fire.

“I came in hot, and I sprayed Gisele,” Bledsoe told Kay Adams. “And Tom looks at me, and I’m like, ‘It’s Drew, it’s Drew. Sorry, Gisele, nice to meet you.’ And she leans over and gives me this great big hug.

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“Then later we see them at dinner and Gisele says to me, she goes, ‘I normally don’t give people big hugs when I first meet them. But you don’t understand how you’re talked about in our house.’ Which was just an incredibly cool and very genuine compliment.”

Brady and Bledsoe spent just two seasons together in New England, as the Patriots traded the latter after the former guided them to a win over the Rams in Super Bowl XXXVI. And the dynamic certainly was complicated, with Brady usurping a longtime franchise cornerstone for the starting QB role.

But the two nevertheless established a strong bond, even if they don’t necessarily hang out all the time. Which is a testament to Bledsoe’s professionalism and Brady’s willingness to learn from a proven veteran QB upon breaking into the league.

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