This month marked New England’s first practices since Bill Belichick’s departure, and first-year Patriots head coach Jerod Mayo showed a different approach to his coaching style.

Mayo spoke at length this offseason about his desire to connect with players and truly reward those around him. That’s not to say the former linebackers coach won’t rely on similar Belichick philosophies, but there did seem to be a clear change with New England as soon as Mayo was promoted.

Players responded well when asked about Mayo’s prospects as a head coach, and defensive end Keion White this week highlighted a key change in practice.

“We don’t got Bill cursing us out every play anymore, but it’s still pretty similar,” White told reporters, per Pro Football Talk.

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There have been multiple stories of Belichick and players not getting along, especially his battles with Tom Brady near the end of the quarterback’s tenure. But many understood where the former Patriots head coach was coming from, and White made clear the callouts during practice didn’t bother him.

“I miss it,” White said. “I like Bill. He’s my type of coach, like a hard-ass. I like that. I respond well to things like that. But Mayo’s done a pretty good job, too. It’s all different. Mayo’s doing a really good job of staying true to himself, not trying to fill somebody else’s shoes, but create his own path, and I really respect that.”

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It looks like Mayo will take a different approach when it comes to getting the best out of his players, and it could serve to benefit young players like White.

Featured image via Eric Canha/USA TODAY Sports Images