Patriots head coach Jerod Mayo has been tasked with helping rebuild the roster, coaching staff and culture in his first offseason at the helm. But he’s also been busy redecorating.

It’s the little things, we guess.

Mayo took part in an exclusive interview with Cameron Wolfe of NFL Media prior to the draft, in which it was revealed he’s done some design work inside the walls at One Patriot Place.

Patriots executive vice president of football business and senior advisor to the head coach Robyn Glaser aided Mayo in the effort, in which they removed signs that read “The Patriot Way” and “Do Your Job” to ultimately replace them with signage that is more emblematic of the new coaching staff.

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Bill Belichick, of course, was a huge proponent of the “Do Your Job” mantra.

They weren’t trying to completely erase Belichick from history, though. New England’s facility displays his picture on a wall featuring other noteworthy coaches, executives and scouts who left a mark on the franchise. Mayo, alongside other great players, are depicted in a mural that the organization had commissioned by local visual artist Rob “ProBlak” Gibbs. It depicts “a young Black kid in a football uniform, looking at Mayo and other Patriots legends in uniform, envisioning he could be like them one day,” according to Wolfe.

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It has not been revealed publicly.

Mayo shared the reasoning for the mural in his discussion with Wolfe, echoing similar sentiments to those that he shared during his introductory press conference.

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“Diversity matters on our staff, Black and white, young and old, former players and non-players. Players’ mental health matters. Relationships with players matter,” Mayo said, per Wolfe. “People matter. What you stand for matters. You have to work at it and build it.”

The Patriots’ new signage reads “We Not Me,” “Hard Work Works,” “Process, Progress, Payoff” and “When We Win, We Win Together,” the latter of which came from offensive coordinator Alex Van Pelt.

It’s a new era in New England, which comes with new wall decor, apparently.

Featured image via Eric Canha/USA TODAY Sports Images