The Celtics’ decision to release a press release regarding Kristaps Porzingis’ latest injury scare sounded some alarms, as they placed the “serious” tag on it.

It isn’t all bad, though, as there’s at least some hope to come out of the whole thing. Porzingis doubled down on his desire to return to the floor.

“I’ll do everything I can to be out there tomorrow,” Porzingis said Tuesday, per video provided by Brad Townsend. “I’m (optimistic), of course, I have to be optimistic, and as I said, I will do everything I can to be out there tomorrow.

“I don’t know the specifics. It’s something I’ll leave in the medical staff’s hands to determine whether I’ll be ready to go or not, but from my side — nothing is going to stop me unless I’m told I’m not allowed to play.”

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Porzingis missed more than a month with his previous lower-body ailment, and from what can be found out regarding his latest, it could be the type of injury that can get worse. If the Celtics allow him to play, could he risk further injury?

Porzingis doesn’t seem to care. He just wants to see the court, despite a rare injury.

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“I cannot trick them into allowing me to play,” Porzingis said. “But I will try.”

Featured image via David Butler II/USA TODAY Sports Images