Triston Casas went viral after he told an interesting story on the ESPN Father’s Day broadcast that had many fans shocked.

The first baseman has been sidelined since April after sustaining a rib fracture against the Pittsburgh Pirates. With Casas still sitting in the dugout, ESPN gave him a microphone in the fourth inning for an interview.

The network didn’t ask the Red Sox slugger many questions before he went on the tangent about his favorite Father’s Day memory. Casas went on to talk about when his dad dragged him back out onto the baseball diamond during a Little League game after he started to cry. The story ended with his dad being sent away in a cop car and spending a night in jail.

The first question that went through many people’s heads during the broadcast was how Casas’ dad reacted to the Father’s Day story.

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“My dad’s reaction was, ‘That was the story? You couldn’t have told any other one?'” Casas told the “Baseball Isn’t Boring” podcast. “Obviously we have had a lot of good ones but that one resonates with me a lot cause it wasn’t just about what I said or that I aired him out or whatever, it was the lesson that I learned.”

Casas said his dad was cool about it and took the time to give his old man some credit.

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“There was something that I took away from that that stuck with me to this day that I think about a lot,” Casas said.

The 24-year-old this month fielded ground balls and is targeting to get back on the field as soon as possible for the Red Sox.

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