BOSTON — UConn is located smack in the middle of Red Sox and Yankees country, so there was no better time than Saturday for their national championship-winning basketball team to visit Fenway Park.

The Red Sox rolled out the red carpet for Dan Hurley’s squad, giving them the full on-field experience before Saturday’s tilt.

Alex Karaban, a Massachusetts native and star on the back-to-back title teams, threw out the first pitch to Red Sox first baseman Dom Smith.

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Hassan Diarra, a native of New York, was hoping Karaban didn’t deliver a strike for personal reasons but saw his teammate toss a pretty good pitch.

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“He’s home,” Diarra said, per Joe Arruda of the Hartford Courant. “He’ll be in Boston, so hopefully he doesn’t embarrass himself, but I’m hoping he does because I’m gonna be recording. I kinda want to go viral.”

UConn is expected to make a visit to Yankee Stadium at some point this summer.

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Featured image via David Butler II/USA TODAY Sports Images