Reports about Bill Belichick’s romantic life received a whirlwind of reactions, but New England Patriots fans probably were curious about how his former players felt about it.

The 72-year-old reportedly is dating 23-year-old cheerleader and entrepreneur Jordan Hudson; outlets originally reported Hudson was 24 but have since corrected her age. The age gap immediately caught everyone’s attention, but Hudson’s 64-year-old ex-partner defended her character amid the social media shots thrown her way.

Rob Gronkowski alerted fans about the rumored couple when he threw in a seemingly random joke during the Tom Brady Patriots Hall of Fame ceremony. The retired tight end joined Julian Edelman on the “Games with Names” podcast where they touched on the subject briefly.

Edelman and Gronkowski revealed Belichick had three things he didn’t want his players to get caught up in: Alcohol, a–holes and girls. Gronk pointed out that Belichick isn’t much of a drinker, but he very much was an (expletive) during his coaching days, though he loves his former head coach. The last point of the “trifecta” seems to have broken for Belichick.

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“He’s all caught up with the girls,” Gronkowski told Edelman. “We love you, coach. We love you.”

The pair did point out that Belichick won’t be a head coach this season, so that perhaps gives him an exception for the trifecta.

“That’s a pass. He’s allowed to be in the trifecta,” Gronkowski said. “Watch out, he’s going to be black-out hammered every night now.”

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The sight of a drunken Belichick would be surreal to see, but it’s safe to say it’s been a strange year for the former Patriots head coach, at least from a fan’s perspective.

Featured image via Bob Breidenbach via USA TODAY NETWORK Images