Nomar Garciaparra Questions Severity of Latest Red Sox Drama, Claims Jason Varitek, Tim Wakefield Would Have Intervened


Nomar Garciaparra has dealt with his fair share of Red Sox drama.

The former shortstop weighed in on a recent article that leaked alleged issues that were going on behind closed doors when he appeared on WEEI on Wednesday.

Garciaparra said he'd be surprised if Jason Varitek and Tim Wakefield would have allowed a situation so bad to linger for very long — if at all.

"When I look at this, that's where I really question: How bad was it?" Garciaparra said. "Was it as extreme as they're making it out to be in the media? Was it maybe one day, maybe it happened one time and it was addressed?

"I know a guy there who has a big 'C' on his chest and I know would be right in front of somebody's face talking to them about that," he added. "And I know he has stuff that he's doing with the catching, but I also know a guy like Tim Wakefield, who has so much respect and has been around in this game and what he's meant to this organization, that he wouldn't accept that.

"This had to be addressed from these guys, because these guys are too good of leaders and respect the game too much to see this happen around them."

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