Tim Tebow Meets With Brain Tumor Survivor Kelly Faughnan After Loss to Patriots


Tim Tebow Meets With Brain Tumor Survivor Kelly Faughnan After Loss to PatriotsLast week, the big hullabaloo surrounding Tim Tebow and a young lady involved Lindsey Vonne, but it was Tebow’s encounter with a different young woman after Sunday’s game that’s quite simply a much better story.

NFL.com’s Jeff Darlington detailed a brief discussion he had with Tebow on Sunday after the Broncos lost 41-23 to the Patriots. The conversation was cut short because Tebow left to meet Kelly Faughnan, a 22-year-old who survived a brain tumor and has a special history with Tebow. She’s recovered from a brain tumor but still suffers from hearing loss and a tremor. She was Tebow’s date on the red carpet at the 2009 College Football Awards (as seen in the photo), and this week, the Tim Tebow Foundation reached out to her, Darlington reports.

“I can’t begin to tell you the impact he’s had on my daughter,” Jim Faughnan, Kelly’s father, told Darlington. “She’s very positive, and she tries so hard, but she’s had a struggle. Tim Tebow has built her self-confidence up so much — taught her to believe in herself — that when I see people criticize him, I’m just dumbfounded. I don’t get it. It’s almost incomprehensible to me. I don’t understand why anyone wouldn’t want to see an athlete use his position and platform to do good for people.”

Tebow also discussed with Darlington how his faith is affected after a loss.

“It puts things in perspective,” Tebow said. “God is still God. I still have a relationship with Christ, and a loss doesn’t change anything. Win or lose, everything is still the same. What matters is the girl I’m about to see, Kelly Faughnan. If I can inspire hope in someone, then it’s still a good day.”

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