Report: Rosie O’Donnell Tried to Set Up Tim Tebow and Jenny McCarthy During Super Bowl Week


You can't make these things up.

Tim Tebow has been linked to a number of famous women since reaching stardom at the University of Florida and as member of the Broncos. Actress/Playboy playmate Jenny McCarthy is the latest, and if things work out, they'll have Rosie O'Donnell to thank.


According to In Touch magazine, O'Donnell tried to set up the pair on the Saturday before the Super Bowl in Indianapolis. McCarthy had just done a radio interview with O'Donnell, during which McCarthy revealed that she was newly single and had a crush on Tebow.

Realizing after the interview that Tebow was waiting nearby to do an interview with a different show, O'Donnell sprung into action, reportedly introducing the two and insisting that they exchange numbers.

"Rosie jumped up and took Jenny by the arm and walked her over to Tim. She said to him, 'Hi, I'm Rosie O'Donnell and this is Jenny McCarthy and she's single. I think you two would be perfect together. Now exchange telephone numbers.' Rosie then walked away," a source told In Touch.

Tebow and McCarthy reportedly then chatted for a bit before exchanging numbers. We'll see what happens from here.

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