Referee Makes Terrible Goal Call During Czech League Hockey Game (Video)


We have a new candidate for worst call of the year to date.

HC Vrchlabi goalie Zdenek Biegl had a penalty shot scored on him during a Czech league game on Sunday that never actually went in. James Luštinec of HC Trutnov fired a shot over Biegl’s shoulder during a penalty shot. The puck flew past the goalie, but was sent ringing off the right post — it never found the back of the net.

Inexplicably, the nearest official ruled Luštinec’s shot a goal, eliciting a confused response from the Vrchlabi netminder. The referee should be grateful it was not a young Tuukka Rask on the receiving end of that blunder, or things might have gotten ugly.

Check out the ref’s call in the video below. (stick tap to Puck Daddy)

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