Jimmy Fallon Writes Creative Walk-Up Songs For Derek Jeter (Video)

Derek Jeter already has a pretty unique walk-up routine at Yankee Stadium, as he walks out to the voice of the late Don Sheppard announcing his name.

Jeter visited Late Night With Jimmy Fallon on Thursday night, and Fallon enlisted the help of hip hop band The Roots to brainstorm possible walk-up songs for Jeter. He has only played in two games at Yankee Stadium so far this year, and ┬áhe walked out to the song “Square Dance” by Eminem┬áto celebrate his return to the Yankees lineup.

The first two options the group came up with didn’t quite mesh with the shortstop’s personality, but the third song nailed it.

Check out the walk-up songs by Fallon and The Roots in the video below, with a hat tip to Cut4.

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