Raccoon Watches Yankees’ Spring Training Workout From Stands (Photo)

It appears Derek Jeter has a diehard furry fan supporting him from the stands as he trains for his final season with the New York Yankees.

New York Post photographer Charles Wenzelberg spotted a raccoon sitting in the stands of Steinbrenner Field in Tampa, Fla., on Saturday.

Wenzelberg was photographing a rainbow above the field when he was startled by a crashing noise.

“I heard this banging sound,” Wenzelberg said. “Something fell, maybe it was a baseball bat, I don’t know — but it must have startled the raccoon, because I see it running out of the Yankees dugout and into the stands.”

Wenzelberg “got lucky” when he captured a shot of the raccoon peering over the seats.

Take a look at Wenzelberg’s surprising shot below. Maybe next time the whiskered creature can move down a few rows.



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