Cleveland Browns’ Sorry Quarterback History Summed Up In One Photo

The Internet officially has found the three most depressing people in New York City.

This crew of Cleveland Browns fans — or haters doing a great job of trolling the Cleveland Browns — was spotted strolling around New York hours before the 2014 NFL draft is set to begin at Radio City Music Hall.

browns fans

Their buddies with the Brandon Weeden and Colt McCoy jerseys must have had prior commitments.

The truly sad part, though, is that all three of these guys more than likely spent actual, real, U.S. dollars for these jerseys. The Tim Couch superfan is probably in the best shape for the future — with a little masking tape, he could have himself a fancy new Johnny Manziel jersey if the Browns take the former Heisman winner fourth overall.

Photo via Twitter/@matthart9



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