Red Sox Down But Not Out in ALDS Against Angels I know that rebounding from a 2-0 deficit is no easy task in a best-of-five series. However if there is one team built for an unbelievable postseason run, it’s the Boston Red Sox.

I know they haven’t looked so hot in their first two games against the AL West champs, but the friendly confines of Fenway Park could be the 10th man that the local nine have been in search of. This isn’t a time for head hanging. This isn’t a time to doubt the team you’ve followed so closely all season long. And it certainly isn’t the time to abandon hope on the Red Sox.

Hitting is contagious and after a long trip back from the west coast Friday evening this Sox squad is one big play away from making this a series.

Following the Game 1 loss to the Angels, Kevin Youkillis said it best. He made the point to say that it doesn't matter who wins the first or the second game, it matters which team wins three games first. With an outlook like that, this Red Sox team still has plenty of life. Not only because they are a solid team, but this is a team of “baseball players” and they know that this is a game of inches, ups and downs and eventually the momentum will swing their way.

Now I may be way off track with my prediction, but if the Sox can get behind Clay Buchholz and snag a win and that could create a snowball effect. Game 4 would see Jon Lester get the nod and it would be a tall order for the Halos to take two games from the lights-out lefty. And if its in the cards for a Game 5 then it would take next to a miracle for Torii Hunter and Co. to beat Josh Beckett twice. Baseball is a game of streaks and Sunday the Red Sox will hopefully begin their latest winning streak.

They need to win three more games and once they accomplish that task, the goal shifts to winning eight before they lose four. Things may look bleak right now. But remember Game 4 of the 2004 ALCS. Thats right.

KG said it best, "Anything is possible!"