Bill Belichick: ‘Stats Are For Losers’


Dec 14, 2009

Bill Belichick: 'Stats Are For Losers' Bill Belichick wasn't Randy Moss' biggest fan last week when he arrived late to a team meeting, but that doesn't mean the coach will stand for it when another team bashes his player.

After Carolina's Chris Gamble and Chris Harris implied that Moss mailed it in during New England's 20-10 win on Sunday, Belichick defended his player. But in a typically Belichickean fashion, he didn't offer any particular personal opinion on Moss' performance on Sunday.

According to, when asked if he was satisfied with Moss' effort, Belichick replied, "I said the same thing about everybody on the team. Could players have played better? Could coaches have coached better? Sure. You know, Randy Moss has been one of our most consistent players since he's been here. His production has been pretty good. I think you certainly see that in the way other teams defend him, that they must have an awful lot of respect for him, too. Which I do."

Moss came under fire when he finished Sunday's game with just one catch and appeared to be a bit unfocused, prompting criticism that he was running lazy routes and giving up on plays.

Was it a bad effort or just a bad game? Belichick chooses to believe the latter.

"Everybody can't have high stats every week," he told the Web site. "It's impossible. We can always pick out somebody and say, 'What happened to them?'"

The coach made it clear that nobody will ever catch him evaluating his players based on their single-game stats.

"Stats are for losers," Belichick said. "The final score is for winners."

And Belichick has one more thing to say to the Panthers:

"That's a lot of conversation coming from a team that just lost another game."

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