Tom Brady Fires Back at Chris Gamble for Comments on Randy Moss


Dec 14, 2009

Tom Brady Fires Back at Chris Gamble for Comments on Randy Moss Tom Brady and Randy Moss are in a mutual admiration club — that much is not a secret. The two connected for 23 touchdowns in 2007, and Moss has spoken of how much he missed Brady last year when "the Golden Boy" missed the season due to injury.

So when an opposing defensive back named Chris Gamble (one who had just lost, mind you) takes a shot at Moss' dedication and commitment, you can bet that Brady will have his pal's back.

Not surprisingly, that's exactly what Brady did on his Monday morning appearance on WEEI.

"Everyone takes kind of liberty to say what they want to say in a situation like yesterday," Brady said before firing back at Gamble. "I’ve seen plenty of plays made on Chris Gamble, too, over the course of the season."


In a way, Gamble was asking for it. Despite his and his teammate's satisfaction with holding Moss to just one catch, they still lost the game. And whenever a player pats himself on the back after a loss, he's going to catch some criticism.

Brady went on to say that he's not overly disappointed in the effort of Moss.

"When [defenses] play Randy, they want to show everyone what they can do," he said. "I guess they came out of the game pretty confident. Randy’s one of the best players in the history of the NFL. When it doesn’t go perfect out there, everyone always wants to jump on Randy."

Brady wasn't done taking shots at the Panthers, though his next comment was lighthearted. When asked if Brady yelled out "Wes" before throwing a pass to Wes Welker, Brady explained, "If those defensive guys were any smarter, they’d be on offense. There’s
a reason why they’re on defense. I never give those guys too much
credit. Trust me, they’re not the smartest guys on that side of the

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