Vancouver Requests 100,000 Condoms for Olympic Village


Feb 19, 2010

Athletes at the Vancouver Games will be well protected.

According to MSNBC, Olympic organizers have requested 100,000 condoms for the 7,000 athletes living in the Olympic Village during this year's Vancouver Games. That's 14 condoms per resident.

Condom requests have become commonplace at the Olympics. Beijing ordered 100,000 condoms for the 2008 Summer Games, and Sydney requested 70,000 for the 2000 Games. 

Former Olympic skier Picabo Street understands why Olympic organizers make such requests.

"It's hundreds of auras, which does lead to a huge movement of energy," Street told Today. "It's not normal, resting energy. It's jacked-up, hyped-up, on-the-brink-of-my-dream-coming-true, got-to-get-it, got-to-do-it energy, and it's there all the time."

NBC figure skating analyst Sandra Bezic knows that Olympic athletes like to party when the opportunity arises, but they get wild in a controlled manner.

"Athletes who have trained so hard and respect their bodies so much, their letting loose is not even like normal teenager rebelling," Bezic said.

Olympians represent their home nations with their event performances and their public behavior. All of the athletes take this responsibility seriously.

"Olympians are surprisingly mature, no matter what age," Street said. "It's required of you. If you act like an idiot, you really stand out."

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