What Are You Most Excited About for Patriots’ Day?


Ahh, Patriots’ Day.

It’s a holiday only Massachusetts and Maine (once part of Mass.) observe and its an annual rite of native New Englanders.

What does Patriots’ Day comprise?

For starters, citizens get to stay home from school and work and thumb their noses at the other states who don’t get a random April Monday off.

Of course, there’s plenty of action to hold any sports aficionado’s interest. The Boston Marathon stops traffic all throughout Boston and captivates the attention of everyone for one day — before marathon running returns to the dregs of the sports papers.

Then of course, there’s the annual 11:05 a.m. Red Sox game. This year’s opponents are the Tampa Bay Rays. Maybe someone will follow in the footsteps of Mark Loretta and give Boston a Patriots’ Day to remember in 2010.

There’s another Boston contest on the slate for Patriots’ Day, however, and that’s a Bruins playoff game. Game 3 against the Buffalo Sabres takes place at night, with NESN coverage beginning at 6:30 p.m.

With three major sporting events to get amped about, which are you most excited about?

you’re a Red Sox fan through and through, text “SOX1” to 542542. If the Bruins demand the majority of your excitement, text “SOX2” to 542542. If the marathon is what makes the day — hence the moniker Marathon Monday — text “SOX3” to 542542.

As of 4:30 Sunday afternoon, 63 percent of the responding fans are most excited about the Bruins’ playoff tilt against the Sabres, while the Red Sox-Rays game takes home second place at 30 percent. Only 7 percent are most looking forward to the Boston Marathon.

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