Top 10 Reasons Why Tom Brady Is Still the Best Quarterback in the NFL This is not another story about whether or not Tom Brady will stay in New England. It doesn’t talk about his contract (much), and it doesn’t discuss how much money he deserves. It simply marvels at the player, the man, the quarterback: Tom Terrific.

He has done nothing but great things for the New England Patriots franchise. Brady started out as a fresh-faced 22-year-old coming off the sidelines after a sudden injury to then-starter Drew Bledsoe. The present-day Brady is 33, married to the world’s top supermodel and continues to chug out impressive statistics.

Though for the first time in a long time, the Patriots aren’t a favorite for Super Bowl contention in 2010, they still have one of the game’s top quarterbacks in the league, if not the best.

Below are 10 reasons why Tom Brady is still the best quarterback in the NFL.

Puts Team Needs Ahead of His Own

Despite being a quarterback, a position that often generates selfishness and egotism, Brady genuinely cares about the team and puts it ahead of himself. He develops great relationships with all the players on the field and has what it takes to put the team on his back and carry it to a victory. He has the courage and strength to be the fearless leader the Patriots need, and they definitely need that in 2010-11.

He’s Got the Bieber Fever

Brady is joining the ranks with millions of tweens who claim to be stricken with [Justin]”Bieber Fever.” The singing sensation has swept the world with his catchy tunes, his bubblegum vocals and his flop of golden locks. Brady has been seen sporting a similar hairstyle this summer during training camp, letting his own locks grow out. So much so that he’s caught the eye of Bieber himself. “Nice haircut, Brady,” Bieber wrote to the Boston Herald. “Dude’s got some golden locks.”

Still Has His Career Ahead of Him

Brady has said in an interview that he wants to continue playing for the next 10 years, and the guy is only 33 years old. And while that may not be considered the prime years of a football contract, quarterbacks these days are playing into their 40s, Brett Favre-style. Brady may not have 10 years left in him, but he’s definitely not done in his career by a long shot.

He’s a Family Man

Let’s be honest, this guy has mouths to feed. He has two kids — one with ex-girlfriend Bridget Moynahan, and the other with wife Gisele Bundchen — and we all know kids aren’t cheap. Brady will be playing to bring home the big bucks, even if his wife is the highest-paid model in the world. And coming home to Gisele every night definitely doesn’t hurt. People perform better at work when they’re happy at home, and how can you not be happy with the Brazilian beauty?

The Target Is Off His Back

It’s definitely a down year, hype-wise, for the New England Patriots, and that is a good thing for Brady. Though the man has thrived under pressure, it’s nice to have the target taken off the backs of the Patriots for the first time in four years. They’ve been tabbed as a 10-6 team in Sports Illustrated’s power rankings, and some say that’s being too generous. The spotlight is off New England for the first time in a long time, and that may be a good thing.

Bill Belichick Is Still at the Helm

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better football coach than Bill Belichick, and he and Brady have a great relationship. Though Belichick is tabbed as a defensive genius of a coach, he still creates a great atmosphere of winning around Brady. They’re a great duo for the franchise, with Brady bringing the execution and Belichick bringing the strategy.

Won’t Let Contract Buzz Distract His Play

He may have aired a few grievances about the lack of a contract, but Brady doesn’t bring that with him onto the field, and he never will. He didn’t hold out on the team, and he’s out there during training camp and practices every day being the same player we know and love. He still heckles the rookies, throws beauties to Randy Moss and is constantly seen with a smile on his face on the practice field. The possibility of a contract year could also work in the favor of the Patriots, as Brady would be playing with that in mind.

Wes Welker and Randy Moss

Though Brady can throw to just about anyone and make it in the Top 10 highlight reel, it doesn’t hurt to have these two receivers in your arsenal. Randy Moss is one of the best receivers in the game, and he and Brady go together better than peanut butter and jelly out there on the field. Wes Welker, as we’ve all seen during the offseason, is progressing through his recovery process at superhuman speeds. The same kind of speed he displays on the field when running routes with Brady. If Welker continues to progress in the offseason and returns to his similar form of recent seasons, Brady will be making a lot of completions.

What Surgery?

No one will forget the heartbreaking play that popped Brady’s knee out of place and sidelined him for the entire season back in 2008. But he’s been playing like a superstar ever since. Brady came off that career year like he had never stepped foot from the game, posting the second-best statistical year of his career. He threw for 371 completions for over 4,000 yards with 28 touchdowns in 2009. Imagine what he’s going to be like two years removed from that surgery.

Heart Is in Foxboro

Brady has said he wants to play in New England and remain a Patriot. The fans know it, the players know it, Bob Kraft knows it. New England is Brady’s team. He has led this franchise to dynasty-like levels, and his face is stamped all over the galleria of football that has been created in Foxboro. If the contract goes through, Brady will play his heart out for the team because there’s a mutual respect that has been built between the two entities, and there’s no way New Englanders could picture Brady in another uniform.