Kendrick Perkins Worried His ‘Mad’ Face Might Cost Him Under New Technical Foul Rules


Kendrick Perkins Worried His 'Mad' Face Might Cost Him Under New Technical Foul Rules NEWPORT, R.I. — Kendrick Perkins may be out for the rest of the 2010 calendar year with a knee injury, but he sure hasn't lost his sense of humor.

Perk was asked this week about the new tightened rules on technical fouls, which will punish players for making aggressive expressions or gestures or persistently disagreeing with officials. The Celtics' center, who was nearly suspended during the Eastern Conference finals last spring for earning seven playoff techs, didn't sound too pleased to hear the news.

"Well, hey, that's the way it goes," he said at first. "You can't fight it, so I ain't gonna complain about it or say nothing about it."

Then Perk paused, realized what he was saying, and backtracked on his initial stance.

"Well wait," he mused. "That's not fair. I mean, I look mean, anyway. That rule can't last."

The crowd of reporters around Perkins ribbed him a little, pointing out that with his angry glares and exaggerated gestures, he could even get himself whistled from the bench if he wasn't careful. Perk bristled at that suggestion.

"Right now, look at me," he ordered, incredulously. "Do you think I'm mad?"

The verdict was unanimous: yes.

"But I ain't mad, though!" he insisted, laughing. "That's stereotyping."

Maybe we'll see a mellower, perhaps even smiling, Kendrick Perkins when the Celtics' center returns later this season. Either that, or we'll see a whole lot of officials holding up both hands in a "T" formation.

Either way, Perk has proven he can enjoy a laugh at his own expense.

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