Colin Cowherd's rise to prominence in the sports journalism community is now taking him all the way to network television.

According to Variety, CBS has bought the rights to make a sitcom based on Cowherd's life story, and the Sportsnation and The Herd host will be serving as a producer.

Bill Martin and Mike Schiff, the creators of Grounded for Life, are behind the project.

Sitcoms centering around sportswriters seem to happen with disproportionate frequency on network television.

Listen Up, a show starring Jason Alexander portraying a character based on Tony Kornheiser, ran briefly in 2004, and Gary Unmarried, starring Jay Mohr, also followed the life of a sports writer.

The premise, however, has once proved successful. Ray Romano played a sports journalist on the very successful Everybody Loves Raymond.

Cowherd has become a controversial figure over the years, known for making outlandish claims and predictions and drawing the ire of athletes and fellow writers alike.