Vote: Would You Like to See Derek Jeter in a Red Sox Uniform? Some things in life just don't go together, and Derek Jeter wearing a Red Sox uniform or getting cheered at Fenway Park are a couple of examples of those things.

Or are they?

Jeter is a first-ballot Hall of Famer and will go down as one of the top shortstops of all time — even the most die-hard homer Sox fan would admit it. Although the offseason is officially just two weeks young, there's already some drama in the Big Apple regarding Jeter's future as a Yankee.

That's right, Mr. Yankee himself is a free agent and the Bronx Bombers refuse to welcome him back with a red-carpet treatment. Whether the problem is years or money, how would a franchise with a bottomless bankroll even think about hesitating to re-sign Jeter?

On the other hand, how does an aging shortstop on the decline, who spent his entire career as the face of such a historic franchise, even consider making ridiculous demands?

That being said, there's a chance No. 2 won't be rocking pinstripes in 2011 and beyond. Do you think Jeter would look good wearing red socks, or does the thought of rooting for him make you sick?

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