17-Year-Old Teresa Scanlan Ends Nebraska’s Unparalleled Miss America Futility Streak


In the first 90 years of the Miss America Pageant, no Miss Nebraska had ever finished beyond the top 10 in the competition.

Now, in the 91st year of the pageant’s history, a Miss Nebraska has not only placed in the top five, but even seized the title.

17-year-old Teresa Scanlan won the honor for her state on Saturday, ending a futility streak matched by few sports franchises.

In fact, no professional franchise has endured a history so painfully undistinguished as Nebraska’s Miss America team.

The Cubs may have waited over a century to win a World Series at this point, but they have, at least, been to their share of Series and league championships. Even the Astros, Mariners, Padres, Nationals and Rangers have done better than top 10 finishes in their histories — all have at least been in the league’s semifinal round.

In football, the Detroit Lions have quite the futility streak, but not only do they have a number of NFL Championships, but also they even made an NFC Championship in 1991.

Only the new Cleveland Browns have been as futile, but their suffering isn’t a fifth of Nebraska’s 90 years.

In hoops, the Clippers, Bobcats, Raptors and Grizzlies have matched Nebraska’s former losing record, but they haven’t been around for a combined 90 years if you add their histories up. The same can be said of Columbus, Nashville, Phoenix and Atlanta in the NHL.

Now, though Nebraska’s suffering has ended — and in record-setting fashion.

See the coronation below.

17-Year-Old Teresa Scanlan Ends Nebraska's Unparalleled Miss America Futility Streak

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17-Year-Old Teresa Scanlan Ends Nebraska's Unparalleled Miss America Futility Streak

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