Auburn’s Michael Dyer’s Wrist Was Down on Title-Clinching 37-Yard Run


Jan 11, 2011

While there was no shortage of pivotal moments in Monday’s BCS National Championship Game, one moment stood out above the rest on Auburn’s stumble to victory — Michael Dyer‘s accidental 37-yard run on the game’s final drive.

Dyer was tackled after a gain of seven-or-so yards by Eddie Pleasant, but he rolled over Pleasant’s body and appeared to have escaped without being down. Even Dyer didn’t know, as he stood around for a split second until he was urged by his teammates to keep going.

He gained 30 more yards deep into Oregon territory and set up Auburn’s victory.

He may, however, have been down. The play was reviewed, and the call on the field was not overturned, but the replays seemed to focus on whether or not his leg was down. In fact, it was his wrist that was the controversial body part.Video evidence seems to show that his wrist was in fact down, meaning that the play should have been overturned.

In last week’s Sugar Bowl, a similar play unfolded, and Arkansas’ D.J. Williams was called down after review.

Still, with Auburn’s physical advantages becoming clearer as the game went on, it would be hard to argue that the Tigers wouldn’t have scored even if the play had been overturned.

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Auburn's Michael Dyer's Wrist Was Down on Title-Clinching 37-Yard Run

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“Throughout this year, ain’t nobody feel sorry for Auburn, and we got the last laugh.”
Cam Newton, on Auburn’s national title

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Way to get the Back to the Future reference involved.

“[Rex] Ryan reminds me of Biff Tannen all muscle but no brain he acts tough only to run into a manure truck”

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Is that a cross-dressing tennis player?


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