Paul Pierce Can’t Compete With Manu Ginobili, Derek Fisher for Title of NBA’s Biggest Flopper


Paul Pierce Can't Compete With Manu Ginobili, Derek Fisher for Title of NBA's Biggest Flopper The NBA has some notorious floppers/fakers/exaggerators — or whatever less polite term you prefer to use.

These players have mastered the art of deceiving an official. You love them when they’re on your team, but can’t stand it if you’re playing against them.

Paul Pierce has a reputation for the occasional embellishment, but he doesn’t even belong in the same sentence as the some of the biggest floppers currently playing in the NBA.

4. Pau Gasol
The Lakers’ power forward isn’t a fan favorite in Boston, but Hollywood loves him. Don’t be surprised if he gets an honorary Oscar one day.

3. Danilo Gallinari
Especially this season. Anyone who watched the Knicks-Celtics game a few weeks back can’t possibly argue this pick.

2. Manu Ginobili
Ginobili has game. He also takes more dives than the bat he once swiped out of midair.

1. Derek Fisher
Fisher spends so much time being a stand-up guy off the court that he appears to struggle mightily with his balance on it.

Honorable mentions go to Hedo Turkoglu, Anderson Varejao and Andres Nocioni. All three of these guys fall under the “dirtier type” than straight-up flopper category on defense.  And somehow, it feels like Derek Jeter belongs here too.

Who are the biggest actors in the NBA? Share your thoughts below.

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