Sean Payton Moves Family Back to Dallas With Blessing From Saints Management


Feb 8, 2011

New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton says he is moving his family back to Dallas – with a blessing from the Saints' organization to do what is right for his wife and two children.

According to, a statement was released by Saints general manager Mickey Loomis saying he has every confidence in Payton to continue to successfully lead his team for many years. 

"This is a personal family matter for Sean and his family and after discussing it with him, I support his decision," Loomis said.

Saints owner Tom Benson is also backs Payton's decision.

"Sean is making a decision in the best interest of his family and he needs our support and he will get it. What I do know is that Sean is completely focused on bringing our team back to a championship."

Payton went on to say that he and his family have always wanted to move back to Dallas, a city he admittedly loves, even in 2006 when he first joined the Saints.

"When my wife and I relocated our family from Dallas, we had always dreamed of someday settling there," Payton said. "We feel that now is the best time to do this. It's a decision that I'm sure many families have to confront, and I don't know if there is any one right or wrong decision — just the best one you can make for your own family."

CBS points out that Payton even mentioned the situation in his book, Home Team.

"[Loomis] wasn't keen on that at all. Whoever came would have to be all in, he said. It was essential that the New Orleans Saints' head coach be as much a part of the team and the community as any player, any team official or any fan. This was not a job a head coach could just phone in."

Payton's decision to relocate his family has not gone over well with fans as there was an outpouring of complaints through the media on Tuesday.

The root of the dissatisfaction of fans and media alike is pretty clear — Payton is moving to Dallas, where his former employer and friend Jerry Jones runs one of the most hated teams in the NFL, the Dallas Cowboys.

With a nine-hour drive from Dallas to New Orleans, Payton has said he will not commute back and forth and will spend most of the season in Louisiana. 

Payton led the Saints to their first Super Bowl title last season.

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