Should Major League Baseball's Regular Season Begin in March? Many people are under the assumption that baseball is a game meant to be played under sun-soaked skies in the middle of the summer. Those same people will likely get a rude awakening when they turn on the TV on Thursday to see Opening Day across many Major League Baseball stadiums.

Six games will be played on Thursday — which happens to be March 31 — in cities across the country. And while many warm-weather teams often open up their schedules at home, some of the cities hosting baseball on Thursday might surprise you. Washington D.C., New York, Cincinnati and St. Louis all host games on Thursday. On Friday, cities like Philadelphia, Chicago, Cleveland and Colorado will all open their schedules at home.

You’ll likely note that none of those cities will be mistaken for San Diego or Phoenix anytime soon.

The start of baseball season for many fans in cities like these brings the promise of spring and summer after what are usually long and harsh winters. The only problem with that, though, is that sometimes those long and harsh winters happen to extend into late march.

Take Cleveland for instance. The Indians were scheduled to take on their Triple-A affiliate on Wednesday in Columbus, Ohio. Those plans got complicated, however, when it snowed. It snowed so much, in fact, that the game was snowed out.

It makes you wonder if the baseball season should open up so soon. Fans are obviously clamoring for baseball, but baseball played in conditions like the ones seen in Columbus, or anything close to it, is just not good baseball. No one wants to be a part of it really, especially the players, but fans would probably admit that they would pass on one game of 162 if it was 35 degrees with a chance of snow.

If baseball does decide to alter the playoff system and add more teams to its postseason, something will have to give. The season may have to begin even earlier, although it’s tough to imagine a baseball season opening even earlier than it does right now.

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