How Many Diving Penalties Will Canadiens Be Called for Against the Bruins During the Quarterfinals? What happens when the Bruins and Canadiens meet in April?

For starters, the beer flows smoother, the cheers grow stronger and T-shirt sales on Causeway St. nearly triple.

Inside the glass, however, a middle school swim meet tends to break out. The Canadiens can't help but show off their best dives, flops and embellishments every time a Black and Gold sweater comes near. Bravo, les Habitants!

It might be best for Bruins fans to bring along some judge's signs — if you've seen the Habs in action, you'll know some perfect 10's will splash down on the TD Garden surface on Thursday night. In their 2008 playoff matchup with the B's, the Habs were called for three dives: Sergei Kostitsyn (Game 5) and both Steve Begin and Andrei Kostitsyn in Game 6.

As a reminder, Rule 64.1 is as follows: "Diving / Embellishment — Any player who blatantly dives, embellishes a fall or a reaction, or who feigns an injury shall be penalized with a minor penalty under this rule."

How many diving/embellishment calls will the Canadiens be called for against the Bruins?online surveys