Ozzie Guillen Adds Another Rant to His Resume As White Sox Head to Boston


Ozzie Guillen is being Ozzie Guillen again.

The skipper known for his habit of going on long-winded, expletive-laden rants was at it again on Sunday, taking exception to reporters printing a quote he said after the White Sox lost in Toronto for the third straight day.

"Are [the critics] going to feel sorry because we're going to get fired? [Heck] no," Guillen said before Sunday's game, in an attempt to clear up his comments from Saturday. "They only remember us from [the World Series title in] 2005. In 2020, we'll come here in a wheelchair all [messed] up. As soon as you leave the ballpark, they don't care about you anymore. They don't. The monuments, the statue they got, they [urinate] on it when they're drunk. That's all they do. Thank you for coming, bye-bye."

Guillen didn't like seeing those words in print, apparently, and he let the world know, via his Twitter account.

"Thas bull crap what the media print today about celular field and the fans," he wrote. "The should print and said everything I said thas low blow and imrresponsable no clas … Bunch a crap … No mention any fans and alcohol …I have the enterviu on tape I whish I can sue then thas a very low blow … Allways take stuff out the contest put people in bad situation to people can read then … What a hell I going to say bad thing about white sox fan they are behind me all my carrer a less most of then."

Of course, while those tweets may have been entertaining to read, they lack the depth of a tweet that Ozzie wrote on May 26: "Cake boss you are genius a friking genius."

You just can't argue with that.

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Ozzie Guillen Adds Another Rant to His Resume As White Sox Head to Boston

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"Looking back on it, we should have contacted Kobe."
–Jim Buss, on the hiring of Mike Brown without the consultation of Kobe Bryant

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Something tells me a lot of Boston sports fans feel the same way.

Ozzie Guillen Adds Another Rant to His Resume As White Sox Head to Boston

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Does it still count as fishing if the fish jump onto your boat? Either way, this is bananas.

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