Restricts Dodgers Fans From Ordering Customized ‘Chapter 11’ Jerseys

What do you even do right now if you’re a Dodgers fan?

Let’s say you grew up in the Los Angeles area, you love baseball and you love your Dodgers. They’re 36-44, though, and they’re nine games out of first place. But much, much worse than that is the disgraceful Frank McCourt situation.

McCourt is in the middle of a divorce that is simply taking away his riches. Like a small business owner in the middle of an economic downturn, he’s struggling to pay his employees. The problem is that owning a Major League Baseball team is not akin to owning a small business. It is big business. It is, actually, the very definition of big business — particularly when the team you own happens to be located in the second largest media market in the entire country.

Yet, McCourt is filing for bankruptcy and making accusations that MLB is to blame for rejecting the team’s proposed TV deal. He’s making a bad situation already worse, and Dodgers fans just have to hope that an inspired, passionate owner comes along and makes this all easy to forget.

In the meantime, though, fans might want to have a little fun, but, well, doesn’t want you to have any.

The folks at Busted Coverage noted that if you try to personalize a Dodgers jersey with the name “Chapter” and the number “11” on it, you get the following message: “Your current entry cannot be processed. Language deemed inappropriate, derogatory, or profane will not be accepted. Please create a new entry.”

Profane? I mean, we can understand when the Falcons don’t want fans parading around in “Ron Mexico” jerseys, but Chapter 11? That’s not mean. It’s just reality.

While MLB is banning that one, it just opens up the opportunity for fans to get more creative.

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What suggestions do you have for creative Dodgers jerseys? Below are a few of ours. Leave your suggestions in the comments section. Restricts Dodgers Fans From Ordering Customized 'Chapter 11' Jerseys

(When McCourt gets some money, then he can get a real number.) Restricts Dodgers Fans From Ordering Customized 'Chapter 11' Jerseys

(It may be pie-in-the-sky hope, but some fans may look to the Mavericks’ owner to be the savior of Los Angeles baseball.)

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“If they want to cheer for us, that’s fine. If not, that’s fine.”
–Miami Heat draft pick Norris Cole, regarding people from his home state of Ohio

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On Monday, a Philadelphia Inquirer columnist felt like verbally assaulting the fans of Boston for being obnoxious. The responses in Boston were as you’d expect. Restricts Dodgers Fans From Ordering Customized 'Chapter 11' Jerseys Restricts Dodgers Fans From Ordering Customized 'Chapter 11' Jerseys

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Best. First pitch. Ever.

(Just don’t throw me that in a game, or else it’s going upper deck, and I’m somersaulting my way across home plate.)