ESPN Pits Boston, Philadelphia Against Each Other for Sports Capital of the World, Boston (Obviously) Wins


Sometimes, people like to debate. You know, like favorite fro-yo flavors (cookies ‘n’ cream, anyone?), or the best Lady Gaga jam (“Bad Romance,” duh), and other topics that have no clear-cut winners.

But sports capital of the world? Is there even a question there?

Well, according to, there is, as the website’s Page 2 polled sports fans Monday to ask which is the capital of the sports world: Boston or Philadelphia?

Boston, as of this writing, held a 55 percent to 45 percent lead, and the vote was probably only close because Bostonians were too busy watching the Bruins Stanley Cup DVD to hop on the ol’ computer box and cast a vote. Life is tough for the multitasking Boston sports fan these days.

ESPN’s DJ Gallo made the case for Philly, and this was his opening argument:

The Phillies have won the World Series once since 1980 and only twice in the franchise’s history. The Eagles are perennial playoff participants — and playoff failures — and have never won a Super Bowl. The Flyers are essentially the Eagles if dressed in orange and thrown on ice. Always in the playoffs, but never in a parade, the Ice Eagles haven’t won the Stanley Cup since 1975. The Sixers are completely irrelevant. Before the Phillies’ 2008 World Series title, the Sixers’ 1983 NBA title was Philadelphia’s most recent championship, yet the Sixers ranked dead last in the NBA in attendance percentage last season.

Seriously. That was his argument for Philly. Need I really say more?

Probably not, but because it’s not in my nature to be concise, I will.

In Boston, fans don’t even remember or care that the Patriots went 14-2 last season (the best record in the NFL) or that the quarterback became the first-ever unanimous NFL MVP; they only care that they lost when it mattered. That’s what happens when you’re so accustomed to winning.

In Boston, as noted in the debate by Mike Philbrick, there hasn’t been a calendar year without a Boston playoff game for 11 years. Eleven years, as in, George W. Bush wasn’t even president yet, the fastest speed you could get on the Internet was 56k, the best-selling album was ‘N Sync’s “No Strings Attached” and you could probably find someone still rocking a B.U.M. Equipment sweatshirt if you looked hard enough.

In Boston, at the dawn of a new year, you can look at someone with a straight face and say that all four teams will contend for a championship. That’s something that no other city can say.

Oh, and how could I forget that Gallo used the Flyers’ acquisition of Jaromir Jagr and Ilya Bryzgalov to prove Philly is the sports capital of the world?! Obviously, the defending Stanley Cup champions need an overrated, overpaid goalie and an over-the-hill diva who hasn’t played in the NHL since ’08, right?

Wrong. Boston wins. Debate over. To be fair, though, here’s a poll.

Which city is the capital of the sports world?

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Is this a serious question? Come on.

ESPN Pits Boston, Philadelphia Against Each Other for Sports Capital of the World, Boston (Obviously) Wins

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“I give y’all my best everynite. Y becuz some people don’t get a chance to be at everygame. And I want them to always remember the nite they saw me play.”
–Dwight Howard, via Twitter, responding to a fan’s observation that the Orlando crowd isn’t as good as it should be

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You can certainly try to run on Jarrod Saltalamacchia, but it might not end well for you.

ESPN Pits Boston, Philadelphia Against Each Other for Sports Capital of the World, Boston (Obviously) Wins

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Are these people adults trying to conduct important business or a bunch of kindergarten students at recess?

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