Four Downs: Dane Fletcher Reminisces About Father’s Burger Joint in Montana


Four Downs: Dane Fletcher Reminisces About Father's Burger Joint in MontanaFOXBORO, Mass. — Dane Fletcher entered the league as an unknown, undrafted free agent who played defensive end at Montana State.

Now, he's a valued situational linebacker and special teamer for the Patriots, and head coach Bill Belichick has raved about his progress over the last year.

Fletcher, who lives with Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski, recently went four downs with to share some insight of his life behind the scenes.

First Down

NESN: Do you have a pregame routine?
Fletcher: The night before, even if I'm in a hotel, I always try to take an ice bath. Usually that's kind of difficult for road games, but I just make an ice bath in the hotel room and stuff. I've done it ever since college. I just crank my music and get going the night before. Then the day of the game, I listen to music that relaxes me pretty much all morning until about an hour before game time. Then I kind of hype it up and listen to whatever gets me going.

NESN: Is the ice bath a superstition? Do you have others?
Fletcher: I think so, but I don' really have too many superstitions.

Second Down

NESN: What's on your iPod?
Fletcher: The stuff that relaxes me and makes me think about home. I listen to a lot of country, a lot of Gary Allan and stuff. Come game day, I like the Boondock Saints soundtrack, but I also listen to rap and stuff to get it going.

Third Down

NESN: What's the best movie you've seen recently?
Fletcher: On DVD, Take Me Home Tonight, that movie is hilarious. It's based in the '80s. I don't know. The movie is hilarious. I mean, I lost it. It's funny, so that's been my new kick lately.

NESN: What's your favorite movie of all-time?
Fletcher: Step Brothers is up there, but I'd probably say Gladiator.

Fourth Down

NESN: If you could eat any meal right now, whether it's homemade or at a restaurant 3,000 miles away, what would it be?
Fletcher: This place called Burger Bob's in Bozeman [Mont.] is unbelievable. The half-pounder with cheddar cheese, medium rare with waffle fries. That's my token meal. I love it. I've been eating it since I was like 6. It's my dad's restaurant, but I still just dig that food.

Four Downs will be a season-long series aimed toward giving Patriots fans a closer look at some of the players away from the field.

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