Since the dawn of time, athletes have used tattoos as a form of silent but very visual tributes to what's important to them. Whether it be to a family member, friend or any lost loved one, the ink has showed us what athletes really think.

We therefore come to the conclusion that Rajon Rondo has himself on his mind all the time. Why else would the Celtics' guard get a tattoo on his back of an interlocked "RR"? Could it be coincidence that RR just happen to be his initials? (Probably not.)

On the bright side, at least Rondo didn't go the Mike Tyson route.

Check out the photo of Rondo's back tat, which he posted to his Facebook page, below.

Rajon Rondo Dedicates Tattoo to Himself With Interlocked 'RR' Across His Back (Photo)

Facebook/Rajon Rondo